B{\'a}rcena, M Angeles and Gersonde, Rainer and Ledesma, Santiago and Fabr{\'e}s, Joan and Calafat, Antonio M and Canals, Miquel and Sierro, F Javier and Flores, Jose A
Record of Holocene glacial oscillations in Bransfield Basin as revealed by siliceous microfossil assemblages
Antarctic Science, 1998
DOI: 10.1017/S0954102098000364

The following cores appear in this publication:
Core name Lat (DD) Lon (DD) Water depth (m) Core length (cm) C-14 analyses (number)

Gebra-1 -62.59 -58.54 1652.0 nan 3
Gebra-2 -61.94 -55.17 1106.0 nan 3

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