Anderson, John B and Shipp, Stephanie S and Lowe, Ashley L and Wellner, Julia Smith and Mosola, Amanda B
The Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum and its subsequent retreat history: a review
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2002
DOI: 10.1016/S0277-3791(01)00083-X

The following cores appear in this publication:
Core name Lat (DD) Lon (DD) Water depth (m) Core length (cm) C-14 analyses (number)

022-TC -73.772 -127.857 719.0 nan 1
023-PC -73.775 -127.857 726.0 nan 1
023-TC -73.775 -127.857 726.0 nan 2
026-PC -74.256 -128.374 468.0 nan 4

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