Jakobsson, Martin and Anderson, John B and Nitsche, Frank O and Dowdeswell, Julian A and Gyllencreutz, Richard and Kirchner, Nina and Mohammad, Rezwan and O'Regan, Matthew and Alley, Richard B and Anandakrishnan, Sridhar and others
Geological record of ice shelf break-up and grounding line retreat, Pine Island Bay, West Antarctica
Geology, 2011
DOI: 10.1130/G32153.1

The following cores appear in this publication:
Core name Lat (DD) Lon (DD) Water depth (m) Core length (cm) C-14 analyses (number)

KC19 -73.1285 -106.9688 782.0 nan 3
KC23 -72.8923 -106.9243 660.0 nan 1

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