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Map interface:

The interactive map shows the location of Antarctic marine sediment cores that have radiocarbon data.

The base map is a shaded-relief visualization of Antarctic bathymetry and topography. The map is a composite of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO) v1.0 and the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) 08 grid. The contour interval (on the continental shelf) is 500 m. Base map credit: NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information.

Map interface tools allow you to view cores with 14C measurements made on carbonate (e.g., foraminifera) and/or non-carbonate (e.g., acid-insoluble organic matter) and corresponding ages that fall within a given age range.

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Information about cores, samples, and 14C measurements, etc. are drawn from the literature and from online marine geology databases. Data may be incomplete, imprecise, or incorrect as a result of publication or transcription. If you find errors or know of missing data, please contact Ryan Venturelli.

Radiocarbon calibration:

Radiocarbon ages are calibrated using the IOSACal (v0.5.3) Python package and the Marine20 calibration curve.

A marine reservoir correction of 1141 ± 179 14C years is applied to all samples. This represents the mean and standard deviation of all Antarctic calibration samples in the Calib Marine Reservoir Correction database (

No core-top or other corrections are made for analyses on bulk organic material, acid-insoluble organic material, etc.

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