Pope, Peter G and Anderson, John B
Late Quaternary glacial history of the northern Antarctic Peninsula's western continental shelf: evidence from the marine record
Contributions to Antarctic Research III, 1992
DOI: 10.1029/AR057p0063

The following cores appear in this publication:
Core name Lat (DD) Lon (DD) Water depth (m) Core length (cm) C-14 analyses (number)

PD88-42 -65.6667233245241 -66.8379208078458 290.0 nan 1
PD88-76 -66.4410368790405 -70.5815555440755 510.0 nan 1
PD88-85 -66.786186 -69.999196 640.0 nan 1
PD88-99 -67.5823766857887 -70.5807727167659 770.0 nan 1

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