Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter and Smith, James A and Kuhn, Gerhard and Esper, Oliver and Gersonde, Rainer and Larter, Rob D and Maher, Barbara and Moreton, Steven G and Shimmield, Tracy M and Korte, Monika
Age assignment of a diatomaceous ooze deposited in the western Amundsen Sea Embayment after the Last Glacial Maximum
Journal of Quaternary Science: Published for the Quaternary Research Association, 2010
DOI: 10.1002/jqs.1308

The following cores appear in this publication:
Core name Lat (DD) Lon (DD) Water depth (m) Core length (cm) C-14 analyses (number)

PS69/273-2 -73.9617 -117.8433 1352.0 nan 1
PS69/274-1 -73.8567 -117.775 1452.0 nan 8
PS69/275-1 -73.8883 -117.5483 1518.0 nan 5
VC424 -73.4467 -115.1983 1073.0 nan 4
VC425 -73.7033 -115.4867 1020.0 nan 1

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